Greetings and Salutation

Welcome to the MegaReach-Plymouth blog! We are the MegaReach group that is based in Plymouth University and was founded in the academic year of 2014-2015. It is currently supervised by the great entrepreneurial mind of Dr. Poorna Gunasekera, without whom none of this would have been possible. This blog was created for us to post about the details of our on-going projects; sharing with you, the readers, about our ideas and our aims.

Who are we?

We are a group of students, based in Plymouth University, who are hoping to make a difference in the community by realising the innate potential of every individual to bring about development. We aim to do this by providing the man-power, the expertise where available and needed, and the networking opportunities to anyone who wishes to make their projects become a reality. Currently, the group consists of dedicated individuals, who are working with pre-existing organisations or individuals with innovative ideas on how we can tackle current issues within the community. You can read about these projects on our main website here:

Though we are a fairly new group, we had experienced a massive growth due to the dedication of our members and well-wishers, and have now expanded to involve several localities, including a branch in Warwick University, UK and another in Ghana. If you have any ideas or projects in mind, please do feel free to contact us via We will get in touch with you whenever possible to explore the possibilities of a collaboration!

What is the blog for?

As mentioned before, this blog was created for us to describe to you, our readers, the projects/events that we hold here in Plymouth as MegaReach. Here, we will do our best to provide regular updates regarding our projects, and as detailed as an account possible regarding our projects, explaining our intentions. We will also be posting about the results of our projects, providing a report of our efforts. If there is fundraising involved, we will also explain where the money is directed towards, to maintain transparency of the group.

With our posts, we also hope to hold discussions with you. By making the details of our projects transparent, the blog will effectively be made a window for you to see the inner workings of our organisation. You can then make comments within the posts at hand, from which we hope to give you a platform to share your insights with us. We are aware that we may not be experts in the fields of the several projects we hold, and thus may be flawed by the fallacies of layperson knowledge. As such, we are more than happy to read about your opinions, and will accept any form of constructive criticism or suggestions from which we can improve ourselves!

Ideas, Concerns and Expectations (ICE)

We cannot stress how much we depend on you and the community to help us grow and develop as a group. This stems from our philosophy of learning and harnessing the inner developmental potential of every individual of any community. Though we are able to obtain facts regarding issues from the internet or other sources, it is through your comments and opinions that we may be able to obtain further insight into the social factors and implications of an issue. From the comments that you share, we may be able to look at the issue from a different perspective, and perhaps develop new innovative methods to deal with the issues at hand.

More than that, what may seem as an issue to us, may very well not be an issue for you or the community! We also hope that any concern you have will also help us improve ourselves, and encourage us to tackle the issues at a holistic level. It is you, the reader, who will keep us on our toes, and push us to remain transparent and continue growing with the community.